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First, grab a sheet of white paper and a thick black pen and draw a fish. Then colour it in however you like!

When you're happy with your fish, swipe down, and hold the iPad over your drawing. Watch as it magically comes to life!

SquiggleFish is a unique experience for your child which encourages their imagination and creativity. Encourage them to create fish of all shapes and sizes. Make them colourful, use different materials and watch in wonder at the results.

It's perfect for children aged 3-7, and ideal for collaborating in groups. Each child can draw a fish and add it to a beautiful shared underwater world.

To achieve the best results follow these simple tips:

- Use a thick black felt pen.

- Draw your fish with a complete, unbroken outline. No gaps!

- Colour your fish in.

- Use plain white paper and leave plenty of space around your fish.

- Make sure you have plenty of light and there are no shadows over your paper.

- Hold the iPad very still.

If your fish is being silly and swimming backwards, tap it and click on the button on the bottom left.

The button on the bottom right can be used to delete a fish.

If you would like any more info or support, please email us.

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